Our history

We are a e-commerce company based in Douglasville,GA, USA. Established in 2010. We have a history of 12 years, and more than 300 employees. GaoMon provide well-known brands such as Acekool and Idealhouse, and long-term plans to expand as the business grows.

The company was founded 10 years ago by a senior designer, Jim. Born in a middle-class hard-working family, Jim is a very innovative person with extremely high requirements for the quality of life, while at the same time always helping people spend less money to create a higher quality of life themselves. A one-stop help to create a high-quality lifestyle is Jim's dream.

In May 2010, the company opened its website www.gaomon.com, As a e-commerce platform, it provides online sales channels for excellent brands procucts for promotion and online sale, and today still continues to offer various lifestyle designs at competitive prices. Gaomon offers fast, free shipping on any item and provides strong after-sales support to solve customer problems for years to come. It serves thousands of customers every month, and constantly improves its customer user experience to create better products and in the end a comfortable lifestyle.

Our Philosophy

We will carry out strict selection and assessment of all brands, Brands products sold on gaomon, must have modern design and cutting-edge technology, combined with traditional values from around the world, the best quality and modern materials, and all that in combination with affordable prices, is what is shaping our business into a home store of choice for a high-quality home and appliances.

Our Vision

We are a quality and service-oriented e-commerce platform! We start by providing quality products, offering quality prices, providing quality services, and improving customer experience to create better products and a comfortable lifestyle. Our happiness and further improvement come from customer satisfaction.

Our Statement

As we continue to grow, we will continue to invest more time and energy in exploring how to better serve your home and family for a one-stop, all-inclusive service. We take pride in knowing that we are helping you make your house a home!

Our Address

Gaomon Innovation Inc
7550 Wood Road, Suite 150, Douglasville,GA, USA

TEL:+1 623-268-1718